Systems for outside North America

If you live outside North America, you will need one of our 230v Pet Bathing Systems. These systems will operate on 220v-240v power. At checkout you will need to select the plug type you need for your country. We manufacture two systems that provide the same cleaning performance, but to meet different needs. Let’s take a look at each machine.

If you Live in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) you will need our standard 120v system.

Salon Bathing System (No Limit on Pets Per Hour)

The Salon features a 53 litre tank and auxiliary line for additional mixes or rinse water. In addition the salon is a workhorse that can be used non-stop. Add a dual wand kit and use the Salon System at two stations at once! This is the machine we recommend for professional grooming salons and also higher volume mobile groomers.

Encore Bathing System (1 Pet Per hour)

The CORE is the heart of the Encore system that utilizes external buckets as water sources. The CORE is compact and can be wall mounted. Due to the compact size of the Encore, it does need cool down time between washings and is limited to 1 bathing per hour. We recommend this system for lower volume groomers, homeowners, veterinary clinics and kennels who only wash a few pets per day. The Encore is also a great system for homeowners! The Encore comes with a 24.5 litre bucket as a water supply.

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