Sometimes you just need a new Prima Bathing Machine. Your old Prima has been a faithful workhorse, but it's time to move on. In an effort to further help our planet by upcycling old machines, we are now offering a trade in program! 

Start off by submitting the form below. We will contact you asking for pictures and a summary of the working condition of your machine. If your machine is approved we will issue you a discount code to use towards your new machine. Pack your old machine in the box your new unit came in and let us know it's ready, we will arrange to have it picked up. 

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Salon Bathing System

For the Salon you will receive a $200 credit towards a new Salon Model

Note about Salons: We are unable to take back machines with cracked or leaking tanks as they can not be fixed and re-used.

Encore Bathing System

For the Encore you will get a $125 credit towards a new Encore Model Base Unit which doesn't include new buckets, so keep your old buckets!

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